Saturday, February 21, 2009

Real Life...

After today, we can get back to our normal life. My parents are in Cambodia on a trip with their church, and they decide to spend some time in Vietnam on the way home, so for the past two weeks we have been taking care of my sister and my families Korean exchange student. Its been hard, but fun.

Tomorrow real life hits again as we have to drive down past Klamath Falls for our service on Sunday! I dont like the driving part, but when we actually arrive I do enjoy myself. But this is the life we have chosen to live and we are so honored that we get to live it!

Oh yes, we also found out that we return to China, another family will be joining us in our city. Thats exciting to us, as we will be one of the only foreigners in our amazing city! In fact, the pictures posted here our of our amazing city!

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