Monday, March 30, 2009

This week..

We just got back from a trip to Lakeside. The coast was so beautiful today, after a hard rain last night. We had a potluck after our meeting, and we both ate Elk today. We had never had it, and I have to admit it was good. Although I felt guilty after find out what it was,  and felt as though I had to apologize to the Elk we saw on Highway 58. Enjoy the pictures.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cool Pictures

We passed this interesting cemetery, its called "Odd Fellows Cemetery" According to Renee this is where I need to be buried. We also had a cute rental this week, its the same car that Gus in "Psych" uses, pretty cool. Its fun to drive, but we miss the GrannY Wagon.

The Dalles

We had a great time in Salem and The Dalles today, it was nice and clear and no rain! I actually ran into an old High School teacher and he remembered me. Pretty uneventful until the way home, when we "participated" in a high speed chase, by that I mean we pulled over as 9 or 10 police officers drove by at about 90 miles an hour chasing this old red Nissan truck. Pretty cool.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oregon through the eyes of a tourist

Have you ever seen Oregon through the eyes of a tourist? Its so pretty! Renee's friend has been visiting this week, so we have done the tourist stuff. It so funny to watch how excited her friend is by the stuff we complain about, and the scenery we take for granted. Maybe we need to start looking at our state with diffrent eyes, and take advantage of the beauty we have here!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Do you ever feel as though life is to much? These past few weeks we have felt like that. We have had a family friend suddenly pass away; spend hours on the road ( which is oddly tiring), and just one thing after another in regards to work and what needs to be done. Then today, we discovered that our car has a serious and expensive problem. Its one of those things that you must fix, but dont really want too.
I guess the whole point of this venting is to say, that sometimes its hard being a grown up!

But we have a guest this week, which will be fun! I will post some pictures from our trips this week, as well as our rental car!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We had a great weekend. We were very busy, and spent a lot of time on the road, but we got a lot accomplished. The picture below is of Renee leading her team to victory in "M____ Fued" at the Faith Journey banquet.
Every time we end up in Eastern Oregon, this is the pass between Pendelton and La Grande, I am struck by how beautiful it is, and how different life is in that part of the state. We live our lives in a multi-cultural setting, but in reality all we need to do is explore our own state to experience that. Its fun for us, because we miss that part of our lives right now. We enjoy learning new ways of life, and experiencing new ideas and thoughts. 
Both of the places we spoke at in Eastern Oregon are in the midst of a change in leadership and therefore in the midst of a change of their culture. We are so proud of them, and are so excited to stop by in another 4 years and see what they have accomplished in their community.
Oh our big news is we are now the proud owners of a wii. Thanks Tigard!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Product Placements

Normally, I am not a big fan of product placements, but this past week we have found 2 things that we love, and want others to see as well.
we were able to get a new battery for our ipod for only $25. The apple store wanted over $80! Renee was sable to change the battery real easy, but she is the smartest person I have ever met. People like me would need help.

This is a ipod set for kids. It is so cute! Since Renee is letting me upgrade my ipod, we have an extra and will let the kid(s) use it when they arrive. It has handles for them, and big earphones. It you want to know where I got it, let me know.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My nephew

The last 2 days, we had our nephew come visit us. It has been fun, as we can see what it will be like we when get our children. I think we are ready! I will post some picture, but I need to ask my sister first!


This week was incredibly busy for us, as it seemed every thing was due at once. We had so much paperwork, that we did not have a free second all week. Then we realized it was the beginning of Lent, and we missed it.
Lent is something, for me, that is a new concept. I did not grow up practicing it, and it always seemed so foreign and strange. But then, while in China, we had a family that practiced it and put on the sedar meal, and for the first time I began to understand what it is all about, and how amazing liturgy can be. I actually feel a loss because we were looking forward to beginning our own traditions this year.