Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We had a great weekend. We were very busy, and spent a lot of time on the road, but we got a lot accomplished. The picture below is of Renee leading her team to victory in "M____ Fued" at the Faith Journey banquet.
Every time we end up in Eastern Oregon, this is the pass between Pendelton and La Grande, I am struck by how beautiful it is, and how different life is in that part of the state. We live our lives in a multi-cultural setting, but in reality all we need to do is explore our own state to experience that. Its fun for us, because we miss that part of our lives right now. We enjoy learning new ways of life, and experiencing new ideas and thoughts. 
Both of the places we spoke at in Eastern Oregon are in the midst of a change in leadership and therefore in the midst of a change of their culture. We are so proud of them, and are so excited to stop by in another 4 years and see what they have accomplished in their community.
Oh our big news is we are now the proud owners of a wii. Thanks Tigard!

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