Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Information part 2

While we are waiting to hear about the court case we had yesterday, we got an email from someone in our agency who just returned home with their child. We had asked her to check on their size, and this is what she said, "

Hi Ransom family. Just wanted to let you know that we saw both of your boys in Addis. They are adorable and very high energy. My husband spent time playing with both of them. Preston loved being tickled and would laugh until he would almost cry.

We are so thankful that the boys are doing well, and playing as healthy, normal boys should. While it is hard to wait a few more days, it is so amazing to hear that Father is taking care of them, until we can be there and do that ourselves. This was news we were desperately needing to hear today....God is so good!

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