Monday, August 3, 2009

Busy Weekend

We had a very busy weekend. Yesterday was our final Parents in Process class, which was full of people adopting and getting ready to bring their wonderful kids back to the United States.
Then it was onto the Holt International picnic, where we got to meet some other Ethiopian kids that had already come home. It was so much fun to hold them, and to imagine what it will be like to hold and cherish our own children.
Lastly, it was on to Myrtle Creek and Drain for a service today. We had a good time with the people in Myrtle Creek, and after finishing up our coffee here in Roseburg, we will continue to Drain for our evening stop.
Then tomorrow, we have a lot to do, as we are heading back East for a week! It will be fun to show Renee all the stuff we saw every year when we visited Grandpa and Grandma! Philly, Amish country, Atlantic City, Ocean we come!

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