Friday, August 21, 2009

Disappointed, but at Peace

At on time, I would have said those two words could not go together. But today, I discovered that you can be disappointed, but at peace.
For the past few weeks, we have been praying that we would travel to Ethiopia the first week of September to meet our boys. Today, we found out that its not going to happen. Due to Ethiopian New Year (which I can understand, we all leave China during Chinese New Year) there will not be a group of people leaving that week.
So now, it looks like we will be leaving the last week of September, as there are several people from our organization who passed court ahead of us. And while we are disappointed, we are both totally at peace. This has to be something that God gave us, as we really want to hold our boys, and bring them back. So in the mean time, we wait. We pray for them, and we wait. We go about our lives, and we wait.
We know it will happen, and nothing changes that fact that they are our boys; we just delay being "a family" for a few more weeks.
We are coming boys, we love you but know you must need a little more time....
Disappointed but at peace, what a concept!

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