Monday, August 3, 2009

More Wonderful News!

This is another update from a family who just got back. After reading it, we are a little scared but so excited! Hoping for amazing news tomorrow!

Josh and Renee,

I hope you're ready, these boys are a hand full. Don't let those sad faces in the pictures you have fool you. I think your boys are the happiest at the care center. Also VERY good eaters, they were putting it away. We sat and had lunch with them, and they were lots of fun.

We had so much fun with your boys. When we were at lunch, Tegan got a bigger plate than all of the other kids, and he finished it before everyone. He got a second helping and was trying to take more from Preston. So, Preston started shoving big handfuls of injera in his mouth so Tegan wouldn't eat it. It was hilarious. They have so much personality, and Preston loves to be tickled. Casey ( a person who traveled to get their child) was getting him good, and he kept coming back for more even though he could hardly breathe he was laughing so hard.

We love our boys so much...We cant wait to see them!

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