Saturday, September 26, 2009

5 Days

We are getting close now, only 5 more days. I really hope they don't go to slow, I don't think I can take much more waiting. I think it will be okay though, this week has gone by really fast, so I am confident the last few days will as well.

We are all done packing, and I am so proud of myself and Renee. We have everything we need in 2 forty-five pound suitcases. We pride ourselves on traveling light, and even with a lot of stuff for the boys we have done it again.

A friend of ours called us the other day, she and her husband has picked up their daughter in China a few months ago, and she asked is we were ready and if everything was done, but then she said, "Wait, look who I am asking, of course you are done." So I guess we have a bit of a reputation, but we have waited for this time for so long, and we are so ready. We are a little scared about actually having the kids, and being parents; but excited to begin this journey.

I will post a picture of us and our luggage later today. Its early and Renee has not even woken up yet. I will also update after we have the conference call with the people we are traveling with.

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