Monday, September 21, 2009

Amazing Day..

We spent the day in Portland at Portland Metro, and then in Salem. Both services were amazing, and so much fun. But I gave to admit, the time at Portland Metro was probably the most fun service we have ever had. The attitude of the people, and their excitement was incredibly contagious, and made us feel so welcome.

I think another thing we loved about it, was how multi-cultural it is. Not only does Portland Metro meet there, but there is also an Ethiopian and Haitian church there as well. They rent some of the smaller rooms, and it is cool to see. You see people of all shapes and colors, you hear several different languages, all working together for a common goal. Once again you truly see that our God is the same God everywhere. It was so much fun feeling like a minority again!

We also saw a lot of Ethiopian people, and realized that in 10 days, we will see a lot more! We are so excited, and so ready to go. Boys, we are coming!

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