Wednesday, September 30, 2009

On Our Way....

It is so hard to believe that the time to travel to pick up our boys is FINALLY here. We are all checked into our hotel, and have a 4:00 am wake-up call. I doubt will will sleep much, so its not a big deal.

We leave in the morning about 6:30 am and fly to Minneapolis then onto Amsterdam, and finally arrive in Addis about 22 hours after we leave Oregon.

Our schedule for our time in Africa will be as follows:

Friday: Meet our boys and spend the day with them

Saturday: Time with the boys, as well as sightseeing around the city and visit to some important places.

Sunday: Travel to Durame and meet the birth Mom

Monday: Travel back to Addis and then see the boys

Tuesday: We have our Embassy interview, and officially take custody of the boys

Wednesday: Stay in the hotel with the boys, and shopping

Thursday: Pick up their US visa's and begin the long flights back

We will not be able to update this blog or our facebook, simply because outside the major hotels, electricity is not a constant, and the internet is dependent upon electricity! We will be going to some internet cafe's, but the speed there is dial-up, so we can not do much!

Thanks for all your prayers and support. We will be posting pictures to

Feel free to look there once we get back! It so hard to imagine the next time we post, we will have the boys!

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Anonymous said...

Christy and I continue to pray for you while you're overseas. I'm assuming that right about now you're getting ready to leave Durame (if you took the trip) and will take custody of your boys in just a few short hours!

We are so excited for you!