Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 5-7- I know we are missing day 4..its coming soon

Day 5
Much of the day was spent returning from Durame. On the way home, we made some stops at a woman's health clinic that is supported by Holt International. But the highlight of the day was taking official custody of the boys.
When we first got the referral, we went to build-a-bear and got some bears made. So when we went over to the center for pick them up, we brought those bears. As they came down the stairs and ran to us, we hugged them, gave them the bear and then a few minutes later walked out with them in our arms.
Tegan knew what was happening and was so excited that he got to go with us to the hotel.  Preston was excited, though he did not necessarily know why! It was so much fun to give them their very first bath and dress them in their new clothes. To be able to feed them, and tuck them into bed. We are so blessed and so excited that we get to be parents.

Day 6-7
I decided to combine these 2 days, as while they are important there is not a lot happening. We are not allowed to take our children outside the hotel, the government has asked that for various reasons, so we have to stay inside. We just spent this time getting to know the kids, and watching their personalities emerge. We spent a lot of time playing and tickling, and packing for our trip home.
On we, morning, we did have the farewell ceremony. What this is, is the chance for the boys to wear traditional Ethiopian clothes, as well as just mark the occasion of moving on from the Transition enter into a forever family.
The boys looked so handsome, and had so much fun saying goodbye to their friends and nannies who have taken care of them since April. They are very special and are so glad that they are ours!

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