Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Stuff

The boys decided to sing their own song to Mommy, her birthday was Sunday. So in the morning, they got dressed and made up their own version of the traditional "Happy Birthday"

Finally eating cereal...making breakfast time sooo much easier

Coloring pictures is a favorite thing to do, in fact Tegan has asked Santa for markers....will he deliver?

Preston is not always the happy kids you normally see in our other pictures, but its so cute. He is wearing his brothers pants, due to a mix up after nap time, but he is still cute!

Tegan and Mommy, this is one of my new favorite pictures. Two of my Three favorite people in an amazing shot!

We are so excited for Christmas, and I will post some pictures then. Until then, have a great holiday! Remember you can always see more pictures at our photobucket site!

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