Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Tegan!

This is one of our favorite pictures of Tegan, taken from our hotel window in Addis Ababa. He saw us looking out the window, and ran to get his family book, and showed us that he knew who we were. This was our first glimpse of Tegan.

Dear Tegan,
What a difference a year makes! Today we celebrate the day of your birth. The day you came into this world, and changed it forever. Four years ago, your Mom and I had no idea that we would be a part of the world that you changed, but we are so grateful you are. Your Mom and I never imagined that we could love a person as much as we love you, you have changed our lives in an amazing way.
What a difference a year makes! 365 days ago..
You lived in another culture, in another time
You spoke a different language, and had seen and experienced more than someone your age should
You were told to sleep, so you would not feel your hunger
You had no idea that your life was about to drastically change forever
365 days ago...
We turned in the final paperwork to adopt you, and prayed that God would give us the right kids...
We spent our days dreaming of you, and who you were
We tried to imagine what our life would be like, and could not

You had no idea that one year later, you would have a new family, and a new life. Our precious Tegan, God knew exactly who we needed, and we needed you. You bring such a light, and grace, a simplistic faith to all you do. People say that you are lucky for coming here, but they are wrong. We are the lucky ones. Today as your turn four, and begin your self-described "big boy life", please know that we love very much. That there are people on the other side of the world who love too. Who want to see you become the person we know you can become.
At a young age, you already hold onto Jesus in an amazing way, and it is our prayer that you hold on to that. That God makes us worthy of parenting you, and giving you what you need. We cant wait to see what the future holds for you, and we know this world that you changed better watch out…they have no idea whats coming!
Your Mommy and Daddy

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