Friday, April 9, 2010

Its The Small Things!

If you are like Renee and I, which no one wants to admit I realize that, we still get amazed by what Father does for us. We probably should not be, after all He is just doing what He promised; but we are.
There were several things this past few weeks that remind of this.
First of all, we saw some more monthly support come in. We did not know where the last little bit was coming from, but it's coming. We are so close, and soooo ready for China.

Then, yesterday we decided we needed a stroller that can stand up to the Chinese streets and sidewalks, but was still small enough to fold up and carry on the bus. One of our friends, a self-described stroller geek, told us we needed a maclaren. But they are very expensive. We went to try one out, and then decided to go into a consignment store, just to see. We walked in, and there was the very one we were looking at. A $260 stroller for only $25.00.
Its the small things, that we see once again Father is in charge. He cares about every area of our life, even things are silly and inconsequential as strollers.

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