Monday, May 3, 2010

This Weekend

It was so nice to have Grandpy Ransom come visit this week. He lives back East, and visiting him was the highlight of my young life. I have so many memories from Amish Country, Ceaderville, NJ, Philadelphia, and Ocean City; and am so excited that he got to met and spend time with the boys. True, he also met another Great Gand Child, but I like to think he came to meet them! Renee's Mom flies in on Wednesday, so they will get a double dose of Grandparent love!

Also, just some random thoughts from the past few days:
-Saying you "forgot" does not mean you will not get in trouble
-A nap is a NECESSITY for the kids sanity, as well as Mom and Dad's
-The 20 pounds you put on stress eating over the past year and a half, does not go away as fast as it came
-Family can drive you nuts-not talking about the kids here
-Kids blubbering so hard they cant talk is actually really cute
-Crocodile tears can make Mom and Dad feel bad...change your punishment, no..feel bad. yes
-Why cant we give the mouse a bath
-" I wake you up at 5:00 am so that when I flush the toilet it wont wake you up"

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