Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well, it has been a while since I have updated this blog. Part of that is because we just got the internet hooked up in our house, and part of it is because we have been busy..going constantly since we got here.
Let me go through this step by step:

Chang Sha:
We love this city. It is amazing, and are so grateful that we get to live and work here. My only complaint is the heat! This morning it was over 80 degrees just in our house.Combine that with a humidity rate of over 70%, and this poor Willamette Valley boy is not doing well. I know I will be wishing for this when winter comes, but right now its just to hot!


When we arrived, we thought we had a school and a teaching visa lined up. It feel through, and we felt lost for a few days. But then an amazing opportunity opened up, and we got in! The school is literally 2 bus stops from our house, it will take me about 10 minutes to commute!


This was the first house we saw, and we feel in love with it! It has everything we could possibly want; including an unobtrusive landlord! He asked us to change the locks, and told us not to give him a key! This is actually his sons apartment, and the landlord is a cleaning guy at this complex, so he is here for any problems or anything.


The boys are doing amazing, and we are so grateful. People are rubbing their skin, touching their hair, and staring at them...and they are loving it! I know someday it will drive them nuts, but they like the attention. They finally got their bikes, and they each have their own room. They are handling that amazing as well. For Renee and I, its like we never left. China is home, and we are so glad we get the honor of living here. We are also very fortunate that there is an active foreign community here. There is a group of like minded people, and their are kids to, so the boys can have some foreign friends as well as Chinese ones.

Thank you for allowing us to live here, we appreciate you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Another Airport Post

Once again, a blog post is coming from a hotel at the airport. Last time I did this, Renee and I were about to head off on an exciting adventure, picking up our boys in Ethiopia. We knew our life was about to change, but we had no idea just how much. Worried that they would not love us, or accept us. Wondering if we could really be the Mom and Dad we needed to be. But, we were so excited to begin the journey to our boys, knowing at the other end something amazing awaited us.
Now, once again we are at the airport. Once again, our lives are about to change. But this time the boys are in the bath-making a mess as only two boys can. But they are still the focus of our fears, and worries. Can they adjust to another culture, learn another language, say good-bye to their friends and family. How will two boys of color adjust to a country that is virtually color-less? Yes, Renee and I have lived in China before, and we know the culture and language. But it was different then, it was just us On and on the concerns come, but the one thing that we always come back to is this. Our designer gave us a dream, and a passion, and a vision. He gave us the kids we need, and we know He is always true. We know that we can rest securely in His promises, as He is who He says He is. So as we fly off tomorrow, think of us if you have a chance. We'll be the ones with a lot of luggage and some big carry on's, and two very tired boys.