Thursday, July 1, 2010

Deaf School

This afternoon, we headed downtown to go visit a deaf school. If you know us at all, you know this is an area that we are sensitive too and plan to work in. We heard about this school through Chinese friend of ours.

We had an amazing time! This school has about 90 kids, 70 live there, and 20 commute, and its a year round. All of them have hearing aids, and/or a coculear implant; so the kids can hear and talk to some degree. We came away excited about the opportunities that are there, and what we can do. So beginning next Sunday, we will go and play with the kids. Sunday is the only time all week that they leave the school-and volunteers come and take the kids to the park, and help them interact with people from the hearing world. We were asked to do things like crafts, and teach them easy games, and do other things that do not require a lot of language.

What's even more exciting, is that we had been put in touch with a woman named Meg. She is a sister, and spends her days working with deaf kids, and special needs kids all over the Hunan Province. We were put in touch with her, through a co-worker. We had made some arrangements through email to meet with her next week. Well, guess who we met at the deaf school? Meg! There is no doubt in our minds this is what He has called us to! We can not wait to see where it all leads!

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