Saturday, July 10, 2010


No pictures today, sorry. I really need to do better about blogging; its just in China its hard. Not because its so time consuming or anything, but in China blogger is blocked; meaning I can only access it through a personal VPN. Which is cool, but it can be very slow at time and can be a pain. So I am posting this one by email, hopefully it will be better.
I want to talk about something that happened today, that was very interesting. It was a little scary, a little frustrating, and full of surprises! Every Saturday afternoon, we help lead a English speaking group of college age kids at a local Chinese Community. About half the people are like minded, so there are quite a few seekers. We were nearing the end, and having a good discussion about finding your dream that Father has for each one of us, when two ladies started arguing and one actually hit the other with her umbrella handle. I jump into it, and physically restrain the attacker, switch to Chinese and tell her to sit down and calm down.
If you have ever been to China, you know that they do not like to listen, and they enjoy arguing! So they kept at it, for probably 5 minutes-with Renee, myself and the Chinese leader all getting involved and yelling at them in Chinese.
Finally the attacker leaves the room, and it gets quiet. We pray, and teach them some easy songs-just to calm down, and begin the discussion again. Well, about that time the original attacker comes back in, and resumes hitting the other lady. I physically hold the door shut to prevent her from coming back in, and finally the attacker decided to go home.
The boys happened to see this, so we sent Tegan and Preston to the corner of the room, with instructions to cover their eyes. What makes this so sad, is that we had 2 new people today, who were not like minded. And one girl was only 2 weeks into her new spiritual journey. We had to assure them over and over, this is not what Father likes or wants. So what caused this problem?

It involved three ladies, they are older than college age, but still like coming. 2 are seeking, and do not believe yet, and one does. So who did the attacking? The believer. The attacker had brought a friend for the first time, and the all three women were sitting on the same bench. The attacker asked the attacke to move so her friend would have room. She responded by telling the lady that if you scooted down and moved your bag their would be plenty of room. They argued abut that for a minute, then the visitor left, she was the only one to act responsibly! Thats when the attacker made her move. That was all it took! The women who got attacked actually apologized to all of us, and explained this had never happened before. That the attacker was known for this, and has actually been in court many times because of her temper. So it's all done now, and I am sure we will see them all next week. I just hope the guests are not scared off and realize we are not all like that, and that the way these ladies acted are in now way a reflection of the one we serve.
So all in all, just another day in the most amazing country in the world!

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