Monday, August 30, 2010


Today was the first day of Chinese Kindergarten-basically preschool-for Tegan. We had not planned on sending him to kindergarten, but when we found a school that was affordable, good, and not to far from our house. We are sending him just half day right now, and today was his first day. We work up early, gave him a good breakfast, got dressed in some new clothes from Grandma, and headed off.

We got there, and began the process of registering him, when they asked for his medical certificate. It should not have surprised us that he needed one, but it did. We need them to get a resident visa, and such, but no one mentioned them for the kids! In reality, he is not supposed to attend school until he has all the test results, but because of a TB test that will not be until Wednesday afternoon. We told him that, and he began to cry, so the principal decided he could come back this afternoon, even without the official TB result!

So we headed down to get his medical exam. We thought getting ours was bad…..this place ( only one in the whole city) was filled with kids and li hai Grandparents; each yelling that their children needed to be looked at first. So we spent a lot of time pushing, and shoving our way through the crowds, but we got it done. He got weighed, measured, poked and prodded-we had to literally lay over him during the genital exam, as for some reason people were very interested in Africans children's genitals-some blood taken, peed in a cup, and praised for his good teeth! All in all, a very productive day.
 We took him back to school after rest time, 12:00-2:30 every day for the kids, and he is there now. I know he is having fun. His teacher is a wonderful young lady who speaks surprisingly good English. We told her, he is to use and learn Chinese as much as he can, but its nice to know someone can help him if he needs it.
We will go pick him up in a half hour or so, and take him back in the morning. We are very thankful that we found a place that he likes, and that will be good for him. Every day, we see more and more how this is the right place for us. We honestly love this city more, and more every day. Usually!
My little big man, you have had quite a weekend, and now school. You are growing up way to fast!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not a Normal Sunday.

Today was not the normal Sunday that we usually have. Honestly, the word normally is not usually in my vocabulary, but you will forgive me for using it this time.
On an average Sunday, we wake up, and head down to the deaf school for play with some amazing deaf kids. BUt day was different.
As some of you know, my Mom is visiting, and we decided to take her to an actual Chinese church. One of the legal ones, the one we help lead a Bible study in. They have four services:
6:30 am
8:00 am
9:30 am
11:00 am
Can you guess which one we went to? We went to the 9:30 one which meant we could not go to the deaf school this week, but we will be next week…don't worry!
When we arrived, the earlier service was just finishing up, and it was packed. People were lining the stairs, and standing in the landings. But they were not waiting for the next service, they were part of the overflow crowd! As the service ended, and we struggled against the flow to find a seat, I was amazed at the cross section of people who were there. Usually, a legal run church will be full of ladies in the 50's and older, but this one had a lot of men, young people, and even some families!
The service began by us "practicing" the hymns we would sing; the reason for that is many of the older people cant read, so they teach it to them, so they can sing along later in the service. The sermon itself was on the "Sermon on the Mount", but somehow swung around to Abraham!
In many ways, its like a service we have in America. Singing, praying, and a sermon. But it was more than that, it was so awesome to see all these people worshiping the same God we do. We squish close together here, the benches are really hard ( though we will be getting actual pews soon), and the whole service is an hour.But its the same, in that we are praying and singing to the same God, who hears us no matter where we are. I think we are going to adjust our schedule so we can go every week-the deaf school can wait an extra half hour or so.

The church website is here:
If you go here, and scroll down, you will see a good looking family from Oregon:

By my estimate, there were about 1,000 people in those 4 services, which is amazing. There is another church in town, so double it. 2,000 out of six million that live in Changsha? We have some work to do, but that church is off to an amazing start! Not a normal Sunday, but an great one.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Some Videos

Been a while!

It has been a while since I have blogged. I dont like that, and wish I would do it more. But I dont, and will try to do better! These past few days we have been in Hong Kong. We had to change our Chinese visa, and you have to leave the country to do it, and Hong Kong is the best option for that.
The picture is at the Hong Kong harbour, which was really cool. The boys got to go on their first boat ride, and do all sorts of cool things, and my MOm is here visiting us and thats fun too. But that's not what this blog is about.

Last Saturday, during our weekly small group at the Chinese 3S, we go to talk to the students about the Holy Spirit, from now on referred to as HS.  We were shocked, that we get to do this in China! We are humbled and so excited about the opportunities that this will bring. Well, after the lesson we had 5 or 6 people with us, and we were just talking about what and who the HS is. They had a lot of questions, and we did our best to answer them. It was so exciting to see their hunger, and desire to know more of the HS. We have a friend who is close to us, she wants to know more, and we plan on introducing her to the HS found in Acts. We are so humbled by the life we get to lead, and want to thank all of our supporters and people who have gotten us this far.
Please remember, if you want to help us financially, please let us know.We can not do this without you!