Monday, August 30, 2010


Today was the first day of Chinese Kindergarten-basically preschool-for Tegan. We had not planned on sending him to kindergarten, but when we found a school that was affordable, good, and not to far from our house. We are sending him just half day right now, and today was his first day. We work up early, gave him a good breakfast, got dressed in some new clothes from Grandma, and headed off.

We got there, and began the process of registering him, when they asked for his medical certificate. It should not have surprised us that he needed one, but it did. We need them to get a resident visa, and such, but no one mentioned them for the kids! In reality, he is not supposed to attend school until he has all the test results, but because of a TB test that will not be until Wednesday afternoon. We told him that, and he began to cry, so the principal decided he could come back this afternoon, even without the official TB result!

So we headed down to get his medical exam. We thought getting ours was bad…..this place ( only one in the whole city) was filled with kids and li hai Grandparents; each yelling that their children needed to be looked at first. So we spent a lot of time pushing, and shoving our way through the crowds, but we got it done. He got weighed, measured, poked and prodded-we had to literally lay over him during the genital exam, as for some reason people were very interested in Africans children's genitals-some blood taken, peed in a cup, and praised for his good teeth! All in all, a very productive day.
 We took him back to school after rest time, 12:00-2:30 every day for the kids, and he is there now. I know he is having fun. His teacher is a wonderful young lady who speaks surprisingly good English. We told her, he is to use and learn Chinese as much as he can, but its nice to know someone can help him if he needs it.
We will go pick him up in a half hour or so, and take him back in the morning. We are very thankful that we found a place that he likes, and that will be good for him. Every day, we see more and more how this is the right place for us. We honestly love this city more, and more every day. Usually!
My little big man, you have had quite a weekend, and now school. You are growing up way to fast!

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Unknown said...

That's a new starting point for him! Hope your little man can have a great childhood there.