Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, school finally started this week. For me that is. The freshman started classes this week, (because of military training)
but the the other students have been attending for 3 weeks already. So I get the beginners in English..but an extra three weeks off!
Sometimes we get the question…why are you teaching? I thought you were in China to do other stuff? The answer is yes we are…but we need a visa into the country, and a resident permit that allows us to live here. Thats where the University comes in.

I do enjoy teaching, and being a part of the students lives, so its not a sacrifice. You get to meet some amazing kids, and have a chance to speak into their lives. You get to spend time with kids, who are away from home for the first time, and discovering what they believe. 

I am teaching at Hunan University of Commerce. I teach freshman Oral English, Intercultural Communication, and Lingustics. So far, the kids are great and have a good grasp on English. None of them have had a foreign teacher before, and several have told me that I am the first foreigner they have ever spoken to. I have to be careful not to develop an ego!
Between my 9 classes, I have over 400 students, so it can be daunting, but I think it will be okay.

But I am very grateful for a wonderful school, and an amazing city, and an even more amazing country that I am allowed to live and work in. I am blessed....

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Alex said...

Hey,I am always so happy to see your new upload. Hehe~
You say you do like teaching, and I say we do like making friends with you... : P
Can't wait to see you in our campus. Haha~