Sunday, September 12, 2010

This entire week has been what we call a "China Week". By definition a China week is this:  the realities of life overseas, while not normally overwhelming, become very hard to handle. It can deal with any aspect of life, but generally occurs when you have to deal with a 19th century way of doing things, while living a 21st century life. 

That is we dealt with this week. It was one of those weeks that stretches you, teaches you patience, and brings an incredible amount of stress. We had to get our resident permit, an event that in itself is simple, but requires an incredible amount of paperwork, waiting in line, and basically doing what they say, in the manner they say it, even if it never happened before in that manner…..We are heading back for our 3rd time tomorrow. 

We had issues with bank accounts, to access online banking you have to go to the bank, and have them do it for you. Well, that requires a US passport, which the police have because of our resident permit.  But then, we found out that the passport will not work, and were told we can't do it….

There were several other things that happened as well that just made for a hard week. Honestly, we were not in the best of moods yesterday, as we went to the church for our small groups…

But while we were there, all that changed. We had the chance to have some great conversations, and answer some questions that shows how much these kids want something.  We got to see some amazing students yesterday, and the privilege to talk with some of them one on one. 

As we walked the bus stop via walking street, I was overcome with how much I love China and the Chinese people. The weather was amazing yesterday, mid-70's, and a nice breeze, so thousands of people were out. It was so crowded, it was literally hard to move, but that the fun part of China. Looking down and seeing thousands of people who need him. Thousands of people going about their daily life, with no clue that there is someone who loves them and created them, unique and special.

But on another positive note, Renee got asked by 3 different people if she would tutor their kids. We have aways felt that we wanted to have some sort of English tutoring school, but had no idea how or where to begin. But now they are coming to us, we see that as an answer to our PR's. 

So we had a hard week, but we are where we are meant to be. In this amazing country, surrounded by the most amazing people. Doing what we are supposed to do, what we are called to do.

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