Sunday, November 14, 2010


Update on the boys:
I am taking a break from only posting pictures on the blog, and want to give an update on the boys.

Both of them are doing amazingly well.  As we say all the time, they are exactly the right kids for us. Father could not have done a better job picking them out for us!
My little man. He is growing so fast. Grandma brought some pants from America for him in August, and we already need to buy more. He is the joker, the athlete. He has so much energy, and excitement in all he does. His handsome smile lights up a room, and people are dawn to him. Not because of how little and cute he is ( like they are Preston) but because of his smile and life.
He is doing very well in kindergarten, and with his Chinese. He does not use it at home, but he has surprised many people with what he can say and do in that language. He is learning to read, and has just discovered how easy it is! He has American school in the afternoon with Mommy, and is doing great there as well. 
He has lost 2 teeth, and the 3rd is almost ready. He is a great protector, he loves helping others, and taking care of his brother. He loves eating eggplant, McDonalds, and drinking milk tea-and is not happy if we don't get the eggplant at least once a day!
Just yesterday, we realized something for the first time. He walks like me, and his speech is like Renee's. We can have the whole nature vs. nurture argument….but listen to him talk, and watch him walk…there is no question he is our child!
He is compassionate, and caring, always thinking of others before himself. I literally could go on and on. But I wont. But I am so proud of him, and so excited to see the person he is becoming. I love you little man!

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Juli said...

Oh my Josh, way to make us cry.