Thursday, December 9, 2010

Guess What Happened On The Way Home.....

I want to talk about something that happened about a week ago. I was riding home on a public bus from school, and I sat down across from three ladies who were furiously signing to each other. I was in shock for a few minutes, as I felt like this was the opportunity that I had been waiting for. Getting involved in the Chinese deaf community is not easy..and here was my chance.
I waited for my nerves and their signing to take a break..then bravely told them hi! I told them my name, and asked what theirs was. They looked at me in complete shock! Here was a foreigner, on a bus outside of the city, signing to them in Chinese!
When they recovered from their shock..I told them I was an American, and then I had to stop! Thats about all I know! But one of the women could hear out of one ear…we had a kinship, as I explained that I too was deaf in one ear, but can hear out of the other. She was able to ask me what I was doing there, and all sorts of other questions these ladies had! I discovered that I can still read lips in Chinese, and that the deaf women could read my lips…even when speaking Chinese! I have not seen these ladies again, and may not. But I am so thankful that Father gave me that opportunity. That in a small way, he allowed me to be a part of the deaf community here, and gave me hope for the future. He is always so faithful to what we need. I love this life, and every day am humbled by what I get to do! Thanks for playing a part! 


Alex said...

I am soooo proud of you, my big bro! And praise Father!

gigglebug80 said...

How awesome!! I am so proud of ya'll!! That is a wonderful opportunity! Hope you have MANY more in the future. Never know when you will need to communicate with someone else. :) Keep up the good work!