Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finally Home

The next few weeks are slow weeks for us China folk. Chinese New Year is upon us, and so most of the country shuts down during that time. What that means for us, is a lot of family time, and our annual retreat. We have an annual meeting, because its hard for us all to meet in China and be able to talk about the things we need to. So we head some place warm, and where we can stock up on the things we need to buy, but can not get here.
So this year we went to Thailand for a few days. After our annual meetings, we spent a few days on vacation and had a wonderful time as a family.
Then we came home....I dont know why, but it seems we have so much trouble when its time to come home, or when we are going someplace to do the work we do here. In a way, its exciting, because that means we are doing something right, and the enemy is scared about that. But this is our adventure home....

1. Guangzhou airport: We can not stand this airport. It is the most troublesome airport we have ever been to. Its huge, unmarked and not user friendly at all. Then we finally get through security, and the boys carry on gets searched. They find some stuffed animal snakes that the boys bought with their own money, and try to tell us we cant take it. That the snakes look real, and someone might be scared. We promise to keep them in the bag..but nothing. I tell them nicely that they are no going to take them, the boys used their own money to buy them. Finally we reach a compromise. I run back to check the bag, and then go through the whole process again with the security.

2. We finally land in Changsha, and we go get a taxi.  The driver decides, as soon as we pull out of the airport, we need to stop and wait for his sister.  We wait a long time for her to come join us, and then he detours to drop her off. It takes us a lot longer than it should to get back, but finally we are home.

I dont write this to complain, but to vent a little bit! But at the same time, we are excited because every struggle is pointing to the fact that we are accomplishing something. So the end result is this. We are home, our house is getting warmer, and we are resting secure in the knowledge that we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

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