Thursday, January 13, 2011

Random Thoughts

It has been a while since I have blogged, other than a picture. But there are some thoughts running around in my head, and I want to get them out.

Today was the memorial service for those who had died, and were injured in Tucson last week. I was not able to watch President Obama deliver his speech, but I did find a transcript online and read it. I was blown away, that had to be one of the best speeches I have ever read. While I was moved emotionally, it also made me think. As an American who does not live in America, I have the unique ability to see things on the news with a level of objectivity. Meaning, the petty fights among politicians, and other groups are more of a curiosity to me, rather than something that impacts me on a daily basis.
Yet as I read that speech, I realized this may be what our country needs. I dont pretend to know all the problems that keep others from playing nice, but it seems to me that what President Obama is selling, is something that is needed. We do need to get back to the basics and remember who we are, and were we came from. We all look for answers in any kind of tragedy, maybe this is what we can find, people realizing whats important, and watch as we begin to heal and come together.

The second thing has to deal with China and its military. I am in no way a military expert, and can not even begin to claim that I know anything. But this last week, China unveiled its newest military plane, a stealth fighter. They did not keep it a secret, even letting people take pictures of it with their cell phone. That is so unlike China, its hard to imagine they did that. I got to thinking why...and came up with something.
The answer is this...they want the world to know. They want the world to be aware, and to be scared. The way China keeps control over 1.5 billion people is through fear and intimidation. They want us to know that we can be overwhelmed by their strength and might, so dont even try. We saw an example of this last week.
Renee and I were walking down "Bu Xing Jie" known as "Walking Street" Its called such because they are no cars, and lots of stores, its designed to be relaxing and a "one stop shopping" local. We saw a huge group of uniformed men walking together, and suddenly they pounced. There was a man selling some soy milk in a bucket (its illegal to sell any kind of street food or junk toys on walking street) and he was pounced on by 6 men initially ( two grabbed each bucket, and two grabbed him) then another 5 or 6 joined in quick succession. The man was trapped, he could not move. They overwhelmed him by force and brute strength. We followed these guys for a while, and this happened several more times. It got to the point where they did not have to grab anyone, all they had to do was move in a certain direction, and the illegal sellers would run! They did not have to arrest anyone, or shout, or yell. They did not need a gun, handcuffs, or a baton. Their mear presence was enough. People knew to leave them alone.
Thats why we all got to see their new plane. They are saying, dont even try it!

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