Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Anniversary My Princess!

Happy Anniversary

Another year, another move, another country, and another life changing decision. One thing you can say for sure, our life together is not boring. This past year has gone by incredibly fast, and our life has changed so much that it seems like we are constantly rediscovering who we are as a family and as a couple. But the one thing that remains the same, is the simple fact that I love you, and am so honored that you choose to marry me.  You feel in love with this sad excuse of a man, well below your station, and decided that you wanted me. Why, I will never understand but an so thankful you did.
I truly love you more every day, and hope that I show you just how special and amazing you are. You mean more to me than I can possibly express in mere words, and look forward to the rest of our life.
As we begin our 4th year of marriage, always remember that its you and only you. Thank you for everything you do for me, my beautiful, special and amazing princess. I Love you!

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