Sunday, March 13, 2011


It has been a long time since I did an actual blog post. I say that overtime, but overtime its true!
On Tuesday night, Renee was in Guangzhou for some business at the American Consulate. My job was to take care of the boys, and be a Daddy, and all that entails. Well, it was bed time and we were getting the boys ready to sleep, when I slipped on some pee from the dog. I fell hard, and caught myself with my bad arm, and dislocated it, in a very painful way. I could not put it down, and was supporting my fingers on my chin. I am sure I looked great! I called Renee, who was on the train still over an hour from home. She called a foreign friend, who came over to watch the boys. Doing all the hospital stuff….I was on my own.
Thankfully when our friend came over, she took me and the boys to the hospital. She is married to a Chinese man, and her Chinese is better than mine…my medical vocabulary is not good at all.
We went to the ER doctors office, he looked at me and sent us to X-rays. Almost 2 hours later, we got them developed, then we were sent to the actual hospital, to a ward of other people. It turns out, there is a break room on the 14th floor, so the Doctors hang out there…which was our best shot of finding one who can put my arm back in place!
it ends up, the dislocation was bad, almost dislocated two ways. They finally get it half way in…take a break and the other half slips in. That was a relief because the next step was surgery to reset it! I would not have surgery to reset it, that was the Doctors idea!
So after 3 hours, Renee finally joined us, we all went home. I was in incredible pain, but they would not give me anything unless I stayed for an IV of glucose, so I numbed myself on anvil and went to sleep.
This was our first major experience in a hospital in Changsha, and it was not all bad. We went back the next morning for some follow up and were very impressed. We actually feel more comfortable with the idea of medical help here. 
That was our adventure for the week…who knows what will happen this week? But we are excited and ready to see!

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