Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Preston

This picture describes you perfectly. Fearless, always willing to try new things. Even if they are scary, or different. You are there, right in front!
Its always fun for me to write these birthday letters. I read over what I wrote the year before, then shake my head in amazement at how much has changed. Your 3rd year on this earth was a good one for you. You moved to China, got to travel in several other countries, you started school, got a dog, learned a new language, and did much, much more.
When you turned 3, you told us that you were not little anymore, but a big boy. And this year you proved that to us in many ways. Heres just a few of them!
You are so brave, so willing to try something new. With the exceptions of eggs, I don't think there is any food you don't like! You have never met someone who is not a friend, and you are a constant encouragement to your Mother and I. We got to see the stubborn side of you this year, as your likes and dislikes became very evident, and you took every opportunity to show us that you can do it yourself. We learned that you do your best if you can touch something, and drove us crazy with that! You did your best as you learned to count (hopefully by next year you wont be hung up on 15) and memorized your sounds, but not your letters!
You did not see how it was fair if your brother got something and you did not, and you did your best to fix that perceived inequality. In short, you are everything we have ever wanted in a son. We love you more that mere words can say. We are unspeakably proud of you, and are confident of your success. My little man, its an honor and privilege to your be your parents and we love you very, very much. Happy birthday Preston Amana!

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Unknown said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Preston! You are such a cute guy and so happy all of the time. May God Bless you on your 3rd Birthday as you bless those around you with your smile. :)
Love - Dave, Kathy, Autumn, Josie, Abbie and Evangeline