Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adoption-The Back Story

This post is also under the Adoption tab on our blog. From now on, I will post any updates on that page.
I know many of you had questions about what agency we are using and the process. Here is a short summary
We never imagined ourselves as a 3 child family, but things change! About a year ago, Renee and I sat down and talked about our family. After looking at many things, we decided that our family was not quite done, that we had room for ONE more child, that we really wanted the experience of raising a girl.

Because we had a great experience the first time, we contacted our old agency, Holt International
The Ethiopia program had never worked with an expat family, but they were willing to give it a try. Sadly, we quickly realized that we needed an agency that was smaller and could give us more attention, as there are unique challenges with an expat family. We did some research, and joined a Yahoo group for Americans in China with Ethiopian Children (there are probably about 40 of them, including one about 3 hours from us that we have spent time with) and discovered another agency that deals almost primarily with expats, and we started the process over.

Right now we are in the waiting process. We have requested a girl, 0-12 months. We should have picture next summer, and will probably have her home within a year or so The process in Ethiopia is stable, but has slowed some since we brought the boys home almost 2 years ago. But we are excited and honored to be in process again, and look forward to brining home our daughter, and completing our family.

Whats next? My Mom will bring us a copy of the notarized home study next month, and then we will take a trip to file the immigration paperwork (I-600A)  at the US Embassy in Beijing. We will be fingerprinted at the same time, so the process will be faster than if we were in America.


Sylvia said...

Congratulation! We LOVED Ethiopian children when we worked there. Blessings for your adoption journey.

NaomiO said...

So excited for you and your family!! Praying for God to bring the perfect little girl into your awesome family!!