Friday, September 16, 2011


This is a post about our friend Alex. You may have seen a few pictures of him on our blog before, but he is a really special guy.

We met him almost immediately after we arrived in Changsha, and he has been a close friend since then. He is a student at the school where I am a teacher, and though he has never been my student, he is always there to greet me, and help me with anything I need. We have lunch together once a week, and he always chooses the most delicious food!
We have been so excited to be a part of his journey he has recently undertaken. He is so strong and confident in his beliefs, that its an honor to walk along side him. He has come with us to the deaf school several times, and he fits so well into that kind of situation. He calls me 哥哥, and we are truly brothers in many ways.......
 We got to go to his hometown, and spend time with him in his comfort zone. We got to meet his Mom, and tell her what a great job she did with her son.
In addition to everything else, he is our boys Chinese teacher. They had a different one last year, and she did great; but we know first hand how much more you can learn by having different teachers with different styles. 
Alex, thank you for all you do for our family. We are so happy that we are friends, and that we get to see you all the time. You have made an impact on us, and we are extremely grateful!

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