Friday, September 16, 2011


Confession....both Renee and I struggle with maintaining good attitudes. Our nature is not to always see the good in someone and in a situation, in fact our first instinct is to do the opposite.

The past few weeks, we have seen ourselves, and our family begin to slip back into a struggle with our attitude. So last Sunday, as a family we talked about why we needed to do better, and talked about ideas for how we can maintain a better attitude. We took it to Father, and left it with him. We all made a conscious decision that we would see the good in everything we do, and that we would see people as our Father sees them.

While it was not easy, with His help, we made a huge attitude change. We talked about what we saw, and the good things we saw and experienced. We pushed down the negative thoughts, and pushed through when they threatened to erupt. And you know what...this week was one of the best ones we have had as a family, and one of the best weeks we have had in China in a long time.

Thats our desire for this week, that we will be able to maintain our attitudes, and do better as we reach out  to our community and make a difference in this amazing country!

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