Monday, September 12, 2011

中秋节 Mid Autumn Festival

these were a gift from Renee's student
Today is Mid-Autumn Festival in China. It's a time of celebrating the upcoming harvest and just spending time with family and friends. Many people from the village come into town, so we see many new faces in our complex!
We celebrate by eating moon cakes--basically small fruit cakes! We will hear fire works non-stop, and in the evening go look at the full moon! The holiday is timed, so that we can see the moon. Changsha is often cloudy, but hopefully we will be able to see it through the smog!

We do not have school today, so we are using this as a family day.....中秋节快乐!
These are moon cakes. Many people don't like them, but we do...well, at least the fruit filled ones!

We bought some for our friends, and the people at the store gave us a discount when they saw how cute the kids are!

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