Friday, September 2, 2011

Move In Day...for the Freshman

I had to go to work this morning. Most people do, I know that, and I am very thankful for the awesome school that I teach in, so we can have a visa to live here!
       -I did not get any pictures. I felt uncomfortable taking pictures of people who will be my students and their families. This happens to us, and we understand how uncomfortable it can make people feel-

But today, and yesterday, and probably tomorrow is move in day for the new freshman students. It's so cool to see how the entire family pitches in.
Dad pulls the big suitcase
Mom has her arms full of bedding
Grandma carries the buckets and hangers
New student looks around with a scared expression on their face

I was struck by the differences and similarities from when I went to college. I recognize the scared look, the black suitcase, the people who are trying to help you find you dorm room.
But the differences were just as obvious. Instead of carrying in a big computer, they carry in a bucket with some hangers and a small fan. Instead of a mini-fridge from Wal-Mart, they have a plastic bag from 人人了 with chopsticks, and wash cloths.

I just had to laugh. I love this country and their way of thinking so much. After 6 years in China, I actually am beginning to understand why they need a washcloth and not a computer.  I am looking forward to this year and to seeing the fruits from the seeds that were planted last year.

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