Friday, September 2, 2011

New Beginnings ~Renee

Renee here for her first blog post ever...(I did not include pictures because Josh already posted pictures in the "New School Year" post earlier today)

What a week!

This week has been full of so much excitement, joy, bonding, learning, new experiences, fun times, challenges, emotions, and much much more!  It is a week I'll never forget!

At 6:30 on Monday morning two alarms sounded from the boys' room and soon two quite expectant little (or big) boys sprinted to brush their teeth.  Within fifteen minutes, both were ready to set out for their First Day of School.

A proud, yet sad set of parents set off with their happy little family to drop little Preston off for his first day of 大班 (the 3rd and top level of Chinese kindergarten).  His teachers were so excited to see “Hai Bo" (and big brother, "Hai Wei") return after a summer break that Chinese students don't get.  Preston's main excitement came from the fact that HE was now the big kid at school and wouldn't have to walk in Tegan's shadow anymore!

I missed that kid all morning, but had a new adventure of my own that was about to begin...homeschooling.

Now that little brother had been "gotten rid of," Tegan was thrilled to get home to see what this "American Kindergarten" is all about.  We started off by reading a story called "Boomer Goes to School" followed by a Character/B lesson, then proceeded to the normal school lessons.  He wasn't too thrilled with the idea of having to follow a plan, not having as much free play, and having Mommy as a teacher, but by the time all was said and done, he enjoyed it.

I've had a wonderful time teaching Tegan!  Last year in the Fall semester, I had a lot of alone time with Preston while Tegan went to school, but I always felt like I was missing out with big guy.  Now, we have plenty of time to bond and learn new things together.  I'm excited to continue this journey as a homeschooler for the next um-teen years! Teaching my children is a tremendous responsibility, but an even greater honor.  Taking on this role has given me a new sense of purpose as I invest in these little, growing minds.

So now it's the end of the week.  Preston has made new friends at school and has settled into the big kids' class.  He's enjoying all the school food that he missed over the summer (yes, he really did miss it), and says his favorite part of the week was playing with the toys in his new class.  Tegan has adjusted to homeschool and claims his favorite parts to be the read-along books (Tumblebooks--love em!) that he reads on the computer each morning as I set up for class, and retelling "The Brenem Town Musicians" with stuffed animals.  Josh has also started back to work as an English teacher at a university and is enjoying connecting with old and new students alike.  He is most excited to have some classes with students whose language is good enough to do some really fun activities.  As for me, I've really missed Josh this week, I'm still getting used to Preston being gone, and I am realizing how rewarding teaching Tegan can be. My favorite part of the week has been seeing the smiling faces of two boys who are thriving, growing, learning, and loving each and every day.  

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杨艺言 said...

I was *thinking of you guys this morning. I'll remember these new adventures during my talks with my Dad. I'm excited for you guys! :)