Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Aleah B______ Ransom

After only one month on the waiting list we are the proud parents of a 7 month old girl. We are so honored and humbled to be blessed this way.

She is perfect…since this is a public blog I can not post her picture, but feel free to email us and we will pass it on!
She is healthy, and basically on track for her age. Honestly, we are not exactly how old she is so considering that, her development is fine! She is a happy girl, and honestly the most beautiful baby you have ever seen! 

We prayed that we would get a child that looked similar to our boys, and she honestly does. They have the same nose, eyes, eyelashes and lips!

Her Ethiopian name (we cannot post it) will be used as her middle name, and her English name will be Aleah. But her Ethiopian name compliments her new name perfectly. She is everything we have prayed for and more. Our FATHER is so faithful!

Since we cannot post her picture, I am posting some pictures of the furniture we bought for her room. Right now, Grandma is living there, but she will return to America in a few days and we will make it Aleah's!
The next step is to buy her first stuffed animal, one that we will give her when we meet her. We did this for the boys, and its their most prized possession. We got the boys at Build -A-Bear, but I don't think we can find one here, but it will still be special!

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Nicole Woods Campbell Simkin said...

Congratulations! That's really exciting.