Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mundane to exciting all in 20 minutes!

This afternoon something very exciting mundane happened.  We had to go to the plumbing store to by new shower heads. Okay Josh. I realize sometimes you may be hard up for new blogs, but a blog about new shower heads? Really? Have you sunk that low....possibly, but thankfully there is more.

Now in the words of Paul Harvey, "the rest of the story"

As Renee and I (the kids were with Grandma) ran to the bus with our new shiny shower heads, we saw some people using Chinese Sign Language! We instantly got nervous, and ended up on the same bus with them. They sat across the aisle from each other, and were signing non-stop. Renee and I were watching them, and actually understanding quite a bit. We waited and finally they took a break! I took a deep breath, and asked them their names!

There eyes got as big as the UFO's that are always spotted over Chengdu! We were able to actually have a conversation about going to the mountain, what our job was, and why we know sign!
It was an awesome step in the right direction...and all because we need some new shower heads! Isn't life amazing that way!

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