Sunday, October 16, 2011

A New Opportunity...

The kid in the blue jacket is the one the final story is about
One of the things that I love about China is that something new happens all the time. It may be something as silly as tearing up the parking lot they finished the day before, or something as serious some new rule or regulation that makes life harder...

Today we had something new happen, and it was great! For a while, we have been talking with our sign language teacher about another deaf school and a special ed school that are here in the city. We have been wanting to be introduced (in China you must be introduced into something new by someone you know), and today we finally were.
As we took a tour of this school, we were again struck by how great the need is. This school has even less than the other one we work with! There were no toys, no fun games, no pictures and paintings. Nothing. The few kids that did not go home for the weekend were gathered around a TV, while outside Changsha is having some of the best weather I have ever seen!

We were immediately given a burden for these kids and this school. We talked to the main teacher, and she was very open to us coming on a weekly basis, and just doing whatever the school needs.
We are so excited about this opportunity, and how doors seem to be opening more and more into the humanitarian aspect of the deaf and hard of hearing community.

One thing that struck me, is that this school focuses on speaking rather than sign language. Renee and I have been working on our Chinese Sign Language, but they asked us not to use it. Yet there was one boy who was using it. We asked, and were told, that he was too old to learn to speak, and they were giving up. He could use his sign language. We only spent a few minutes with him, but just in that time you could see the anger and frustration in his eyes, and how angry he is at life. As we were leaving, he saw my hearing aid. When the kids see it, they always get excited as they see that I am "one of them", yet this guy did not. In sign language, I told him that I am deaf on one side, and that we are the same. He got this strange look, and then signed back, "We are not the same!"  My heart broke, because we are. We both have the same struggles and same issues. His are greater than mine I am sure, but I can identify with him. I can't wait to see what our Father will do in his life!

We also got an introduction into the Special Ed school that is close to our house. We will be going there  once a week for some more things. I will give you more details later, as we have not worked everything out yet! But it was a good day, and we are so excited to see what Father has in mind for us and those new opportunities. 

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