Sunday, October 9, 2011


Two parts hydrogen
One part oxygen
It's everywhere
It's God's creation
I've taken it for granted
Never again

Last week, we were scheduled for some repairs to a water leak, so we prepared ourselves to go without water for about 12 hours.  No big deal--we filled a couple buckets, got our showers, and did the dishes before it was shut off.  

The water came back on at the scheduled time…kinda.  The kitchen was fine, but in the bathrooms there was a little trickle strong enough to fill one small bucket in about thirty minutes time.  We just thought that the workers weren't finished, or that a pump needed to be replaced, or something of that nature.  So, patient we were.  We could flush our toilets with buckets, so I was grateful…

Day 4-- My hair REALLY started to feel gross and funny smells were emanating from the bathroom and from each one of us.  I had my hair washed at a salon, Josh and the boys used the sink, and wet wipes became a normal form of a bath.  

Day 7--Casually mentioned the problem to the management.  It's not considered a real problem because it's not Summer and a week is not an unreasonable amount of time to go without a shower.  
**We also celebrated our Glad We Gotcha Day in a hotel with the boys, so we got a REAL shower**

Day 8--Asked management when the water would be back to normal.  They said they'd send someone over to check out the problem.  The "someone" never came.  

Day 9--Politely explained to management that this problem really needs to be corrected and that someone really needs to come check it out.  Without ever checking into the problem, they said that we needed to hire an outside company to fix our something (never learned plumbing words in language school), and that it's not the complex's problem, but ours.  I was starting to feel like I was getting what I call the "Chinese brush off".  

Now I'm starting to get upset.  We never had this problem til THEY turned off our water.  I was getting played for the "stupid foreigner."  Though playing the "stupid foreigner" card has it's perks at times, this was not one of them.

Day 9, try 2--Politely, but a little a lot more firmly, I talked to them.  "This is your problem, not mine.  You need to fix it, not me."  One unfortunate onlooker thought it would be a good time to make fun of the foreigner and mimic my Chinese…haha…Bad choice, Mister.  Apparently I gave him the look because without any words from me, he was apologizing.  After this, one lady in the office finally took pity on me and sent a worker over to check it out.  

THEY fixed the problem in about 5 seconds.  Of course they blamed it on us messing with a water valve, and when we said we hadn't, they said our kids must've done it.  We didn't even know this valve existed and there's no way the boys could've even gotten to it, but whatever…I decided it wasn't worth the fight, and I thanked them for their help.

We're still the "stupid foreigners,"  but we are now "stupid foreigners" that have water and we don't stink anymore!

AND, did I mention that the water pressure is better now than it's ever been?

Thank you, Lord for your creation, and thank you for modern amenities such as running water!  I will never again take a shower for granted!

Two parts hydrogen
One part water
It means washed hands
It means a flushed toilet
It means a refreshing shower
Grateful forevermore 


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