Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness...Day 22

Renee's turn...

I'm thankful for a hew hobby!

I'm the type of person that has lots of interests.  I like to try new things, but the problem is that after I gain a basic mastery or complete one or two projects, I stop and move on to something new.  A couple of years ago, I taught myself how to crochet a basic--let me repeat, BASIC--scarf.  I forced myself to finish 2 scarfs and found it to be quite tiresome.  

Just a couple of weeks ago, Josh's mom visited and I was making another scarf.  I was getting VERY tired of doing row after row after row after row of chains, so I asked her to show me how to do something that would go quicker, be lighter weight, and have those "little holes" in it.  So she showed me how to single crochet and double crochet.  I abandoned the scarf that I was originally making and started one for each of the boys.  One is a checker pattern and one is a brick pattern (both using the double crochet stitch).  Those whipped up SO fast and now I'm thinking that this whole crochet thing may last for a little while...

So, I looked up how to do a Granny Square online...

and now I'm working on some booties. 

I'm completely lost trying to follow the pattern for the booties, so I may have to stop on that one.  I'd love to make these cute little things from Favecrafts for the kiddos though, but I think I'll need to find some help first.

For Preston:

For Aleah:
For Tegan:

Some juggling balls (don't have a picture)

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