Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness...Day 18

Renee's Turn...

I am thankful for that last first date!

On this very day in 2005, my handsome man swept me up for our first "All American Date".  Yes, that's what he called it when he asked me out.  We were living in Xian, China, and an "All American Date" meant going to Pizza Hut--in China, that's some seriously fine dining--followed by a walk around the downtown area, followed by a taxi ride (I'll get to that in a minute) to KFC for ice cream, followed by another romantic walk around DaYanTa, followed by another taxi ride to drop me off at my apartment.    

Now for the taxi story.  We were sitting in the back seat, each on our own sides.  Me being the giddy school girl I was, had my hand laying conveniently on the seat between us.  Josh grabs my hand and says, "Is this okay?"  DUH! THAT'S WHY MY HAND WAS THERE!    It was sweet and I told him that it was fine with me.  

Then in the taxi on the way home, I sat in the front and he sat in the back.  We weren't officially dating and were "just friends hanging out," so we (or I) didn't want to look suspicious to our friends that may be around my complex.  So what did we do?   . . .  WE HELD HANDS THROUGH THE SAFETY BARS SEPARATING THE FRONT AND BACK OF THE TAXI.  We were so cute back then!  

I may as well say it, because if I don't, I'm sure Josh would comment about it. In those days, I loved to wear long sleeve t-shirts.  It was a chilly day and I was quite cozy in my t-shirt.  I only had one long sleeve t-shirt and it just happened to have a mustard stain on it...and yes I wore it on our first date and Josh will never let me forget!

I am so grateful that November 18, 2005 was the last time I ever had to go on a first date!
While we were dating
And still, just as in love today!

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