Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness...Day 30

Renee's turn...

I'm thankful for my stud muffin!

Saving the best for last!

Here's all the stuff my wonderful husband has done JUST TODAY!  And this is not a special occasion, just a typical day:

-took care of all activities prior to 7am
-did most of the work for getting the boys ready for the day
-taught 6 hours of class (while it's FREEZING with no heat in the classrooms)
-commuted a total of about two and a half hours
-walked a 1.25 miles in the FREEZING rain to pick up Preston from school
-picked up bread on the way home from school
-rescued me from a dinner disaster
-washed the dishes after dinner
-laid out the boys' clothes for tomorrow
-and right now, he ran out to the ATM so we'll have money for the rest of the week
-and he just texted me to say that he's going down to the management office to get some packages that we ordered for Christmas (it's raining and FREEZING outside too!)
-after the boys are in bed, he's going to watch a show with me
*And I know there are many things that I haven't even noticed or have forgotten about*

All of these things he does with so much love and so much heart.  He loves us so much and takes every opportunity every day to serve his family.

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