Sunday, November 6, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness...Day 6

Renee's turn...

I'm thankful for promises. 

Our Father gives us so many promises:
-eternal life
-new chances each morning
-His presence with us
-a path that's been prepared for us
-to hear our requests
-to know our hearts
-to provide for our every need

Then when I decided to accept those promises, I made some of my own:
-to allow the changes He wants to make in my life
-to be open to his guidance
-to forgive myself (yep, this one is still the hardest)
-to love those around me
-to give myself whole-heartedly to His service

When I married Josh, there were lots of promises made too:
-choose to love

When we signed the papers saying that we wanted to make Tegan and Preston a part of our family, even that document was full of promises:
-take responsibility for spiritual nurturing
-take responsibility for emotional well-being
-take responsibility for physical growth and safety
-to love unconditionally
-to guide them into being contributing members of society
-to be their example of godly men and women

 AND...Oh, how many times I've heard, "Mommy, I promise I won't spill the milk.  May I please pour it?"  And what happens? gets spilt. But even those promises bring me joy because it means they WANT to do good, they want to make me happy, and they want to be independent.  This all means one thing...they are growing up and that makes me (mostly) happy!

I'm thankful for promises. 

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