Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Aleah's Room

We have been working on our daughters room, and its finally done! Yes, we know it will still be a LONG time before she is here, but this has helped us feel closer to her; and plus when we start something we don't stop till its done!

The room had served several purposes:
1. It was Prestons room:

2. The boys did not like having their own room (they had never been alone in a room their whole life) so they shared the same bed up until 6 months ago when they decided they were ready to be apart, and they got bunk beds in the other room.

3. Then it was an office/school room, but who needs a picture of that?

But now, this room is all hers!

Almost everything in here came from Ikea. The wall stickers came from Toys R Us, the pink rugs from the furniture market, and a few toys from Wal Mart. It's been fun making this a girl room, and we think it looks good!

Here is her room:

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