Thursday, November 10, 2011


Tegan has been doing a unit on the Native Americans and we've chosen the Cherokee tribe to study.  He's been learning all about their clothes, what they ate, how they got their food, tools, homes, customs, beliefs, and even about the Trail of Tears (basically just the idea that some bullies made them leave their homes and walk across the country).  This afternoon, the weather was BEAUTIFUL.

So I took the boys out to do their favorite thing in the world...
They did such a great job, so we proceeded to do their second favorite thing in the world...
In the end, Tegan and Preston learned more about how the Cherokee lived,
 and we all had a great afternoon of...
...and nothing beats that!
(but the looks from the neighbors came close as they watched us gather sticks and grass clippings)

That's a fishing pole hanging over his head (with a leaf as meat),
and a bow and arrow on the right. 

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杨艺言 said...

My dad, who recently found his biological family, discovered that he is 1/4 Cherokee--his grandmother was full Cherokee. We have a few photos of the family and of the Cherokee Indian Reservation if you would like them. You can also go on iTunes and let the kids listen to the free Cherokee Nation podcast, where they'll get to hear the language.