Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness...Day 14

Renee's turn...

I'm thankful for amazing teachers!

My ALL-STAR Teachers
Mrs. Wallgren (5th grade)
Mr. Michael Bryson (choir) and Mrs. Lori Bryson (clarinet)
Ms. Carol Walther (clarinet/junior high band)
Mrs. Susan Umphres (8th grade English)
Mr. Marin Perez (9th grade English)
Ms. Dawn Perry (music)
Mr. Arnold Garza (jazz)
Mrs. Celina Garcia (CIS)
Mr. Russ Teweleit (improv)

All of them made learning an enjoyable experience for me.  They saw me as a real person and invested in my life.  They challenged me in the classroom, set an example for me outside of the classroom, taught me to love life, and genuinely cared for me as an individual.  They are people I will never forget!

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