Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Renee's 30 by 30

Well, I'm 29 now (I know...I'm still young), and  I've been dreading this day for about a month.  Josh and the boys have made this day such a special treat for me and I'm so grateful for each of them, but this birthday has been particularly difficult for me to be happy about.  I don't know what it is.  I just keep thinking, "This is it; the 20s are coming to an end.  30 is a birthday to celebrate, but 29 really stinks."  So with that in mind, this is my plan to make #30 more of a celebration. 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 (and yes, I've done many of these things before, but want to make an effort to do them again).

My 30 by 30

(nothing particularly grand, but all realistic...I hope)


-have scrapbooks up-to-date (within one major event)
-complete 3 new crochet projects (Christmas ornaments, a bunny for Aleah, a bag for my crochet stuff, nativity set, kid purses)
-complete 10 courses (the people have not been responding to correspondence so I haven't even gotten started...grrr!)
-teach Preston to read
-teach Tegan to play Chess
-hold my daughter in my arms
-bring my daughter home
-stay up late watching a movie every once in a while
-have a kid date with each kid at least once a month
-have an adult date with Josh at least once a month (Alyia had to tag along for a few)
-be able to do 25 real push-ups without stopping
-be able to do 50 crunches without stopping
-run a 5K
-show more gratitude on a daily basis
-wake up to watch the sunrise with Josh (2 days in a row in Thailand)
-read for myself every day
-show my appreciation to Josh every day
-teach someone to crochet
-teach someone to bake cookies
-sit through one movie a week WITH the boys
-read one story/book/chapter per day (other than bedtime) to the boys
-smile at strangers more often
-learn to stay calm in the grocery store
-stop biting my nails and keep it up this time
-have breakfast for dinner once a week
-find 5 new quick and easy "go-to" recipes for dinners (onion soup Chicken, giant bacon cheese maple pancake, potato soup, baba ganoush, apple rice) 
-go on a picnic date with Josh
-not get any new pets (that live outside of a small tank or bowl)
-learn to style African girl hair
-finish projects that I start

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