Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Confession...I am not perfect. I know that's a shock to many of you, especially to me, but its true!  My English teacher in 8th and 10th grade (Mrs. Erickson, she was the coolest English teacher in the world) used to joke that she makes one mistake a year, and was up to year 2015. This was in 1993 and 1995 so you can see why it was funny.

I guess I am having one of those days today, running my mistake count well into the next century. I am having trouble trusting. I am privileged to live an amazing life, but my life comes with a lot of waiting, uncertainity and trusting. Where the support for next month comes from...am I being watched too close....on and on the list goes. And I will be the first to say that my FATHER is in charge, and that I can trust Him completely; but sometimes I forget and like Peter, look at the waves instead of on Him.

Today is one of those days. We are waiting for so much:
Emails from the Consulate in Guangzhou
To hear we have been submitted to court, or have a court date
Emails from a Doctor in Shanghai and Guangzhou (nothing is wrong, just some questions)
To hear if the approved immigration paperwork is correct
Will travel interfere with school
Our tax refund is not back
The tax advocate is not helping or returning calls

Then come the concerns from our daily life....Sometimes its just too much. So my prayer for today is simple, "help me" Help me see the promises that you have given us, help me keep my eyes on you. Help me remember the little things, that show you care about the big things! "help me"

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杨艺言 said...

I'm agreeing with you, friends!