Thursday, January 5, 2012

Domestic Violence

I have been wondering what to write about, and a friend suggested I blog about our neighbors. That actually goes along with what Renee suggested, so off we go….

Our building is unique, in that our building only has 3 apartments per floor. We live on the "unlucky 13th floor; people in China are not superstitious, but we are the only occupants. So we have neighbors, but they are two empty apartments which is nice!

But there is something else I wanted to blog about. Its a problem we have always known about, but are seeing more and more. It is the problem of domestic violence. 

I am not an expert on this, and do not claim to be. But I have included child abuse in this as well.

Renee had a student. This student is a good girl. She is spoiled, and can be bratty..but she is only 9. She is supposed to be! Several times in the past year or so, she has come over with bruises and marks on her. One time, she took a break to use the bathroom, and her Mom went in as well, and when they started class again, this young girl had a bloody lip. 

Last week, the boys and  I were not home, when Renee texted me about something that was happening upstairs. She told me there was a violent argument going on, with screaming and things being broken. We talked about what can we do….and came to the sad realization that the answer is nothing.

There is no anonymous reporting here, and even if the police answered the phone, they don't care. Yes, there are laws on the books, but they are not enforced.
All we can do, is just help those when they need it, and pray for minds and attitudes to be changed. For the parents and men to begin to respect their families and children. Doesn't seem like much, but its a step in the right direction

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