Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our daughter....

We got this letter about our baby girl today. I know its long, but maybe someone is intrested!

She was the happiest baby at the care center, I swear!  My mom and I were
just cracking up because every single time we would look at her she had
moved on to some other item.  She was exploring the entire room and EVERY
little thing in it.  She related well to us and to the nannies, yet she was
perfectly content to just be exploring on her own.  She wasn't "needy" like
some of the poor little babies are.  She crawls really well and kneels down
when she finds something to inspect.  She will turn the item over intently
and study it.  Then she will try to bang it on the floor or her lap and see
what it does.  Sometimes she would try things in her mouth, but not
everything.  She seemed quite discerning in that aspect.  She knew pure junk
from something worth testing in her mouth :-)  At one point I took a little
piece of trash away from her and she just gave me a smile and moved on to
something else.

They have a stroller that the strap mobile kids into for her their own
safety when they need to coral the kiddo for a few minutes to attend to a
blow-out diaper or something where they can't go grab to mobile kid away
from something they shouldn't have or pull them back inside the room, etc.
Basically, if they need to give another baby complete attention for a couple
minutes, they have to immobilize several of the more explorative babies
(those being your girl and my twin boys).  So they strap them in a stroller
while they take care of what they need to and then they let them back out of
the stroller.  Your daughter is hilarious when they put her in there.  She
makes this face like, "Oh, MAN!  This again?!  I gotta get outta here!"  And
she sits and watches them with this adorable little bummed look on her face
and tries to reach up to whoever walks by to have them get her out.

Anyway, she looks incredibly happy and healthy and she is going to keep you
busy :-)  They call her "gobez" which means clever.

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